Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm just a snot machine...

It's back! The cold from christmas time has resurfaced!

So, I'm going to spend my day not-sickening my coworkers and trying to catch up on review writing.

If I put actual pictures of myself on here, the photo for today would be a bedraggled me, with greasy heavy metal hair, hidden in two inches of filled tissues, hunched over a computer.

Artistic renderings of the above image will not be ignored.


Speaking of ignoring, the contest deadline is only a few weeks away. Where are your creative tellings of reading goals for 2009? The rules are here.


Amanda said...

...and are you gonna work for nobody but me?


Carrie said...

Yes. You and the paper tissue industry.

LOOKA said...

Now that you have that much time thanks to sickening reasons, hehe, can you send us a paragraph of the short story?

I know, I'm behind on things very badly, but: pleeeese?

Carrie said...

The short story? Maybe.