Monday, January 05, 2009

She said "Harder?" and I said "Yes."

Today I went to the post office to check my box. My local P.O. is jollier than most, even with perma-line and close proximity to Port Authority. All this is a good thing because upon returning home I realized that I will have to go back tomorrow.


So, I am feeling a bit better, snot-wise. The painful coughing episodes have dissolved into ticklely kaffs and the snot, well, it has lessened.

To celebrate this great biological achievement, and the turning of the year, I am announcing the first contest of 2009:

The task: tell me about your reading goals for 2009. tell me good!

The form: anything that can be blogged, like a short essay, a song, a comic, images, etc.

The transmittal: leave writing comments or email me. email me everything else.

The prize: a copy of one story issue #113 (Ben Greenman's letter writing story "Tremulant"), books of the exciting variety and other wonders from around tryharderland.

The deadline: February 5

Will it come in one of these boxes that are where open space should be? Maybe!


LOOKA said...

Oh swell! Good starting off from your side!

Ps: Was there something in it for me?

Carrie said...

Was there something in my PO Box from you? No.

Will I have a little something something to send you soon? Yes.

LOOKA said...

Me, sent? Sweet!

I'd love to participate in this contest but: There is no time.


ctheokas said...

I'm two books away from finishing Ian Rankin's John Rebus series of crime novels. Then I'm going to review the entire series on my blog. There's a certain significance to this in that Rankin aged his protagonist in real time, and the latest Rebus novel is the one in which he retires. If there's another Rebus novel, he'll be working outside the auspices of the police force.

Anyway, that's my reading plan for the next two months. After that, I'm going to delve into some P.K. Dick, and then get back to reading some Thomas Hardy, try out some George Eliot. That'll probably get me through June.

After that, who knows? I've got 6 shelves full of books and graphic novels, about a third of which I haven't read. Maybe I'll hit the non-fiction section harder. I've wanted to read The Liar's Club and Cherry for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I actually need to read less this year. It's cutting into my work and blogging time.

I spent most of the Bush Administration reading as much escapist sci-fi fiction as possible, or medieval mysteries. I think my book count for last year was about 198 or so.

I need to read more non-fiction stuff, and do more work!

(BTW, currently reading: A Perfect Red)