Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A fun con man story is sometimes all a gal needs. While this is not the most original of premises, the last third includes a believable elderly narrator and makes "Honest Man" by Naomi Kritzer worth listening to.


Inkstud Robin Mc Connell wants to know what you think about a "Women in Comics" month of podcasting. Drop him a comment.


Too bad this displaying requires freaking the bird out:
3 owls in one

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LOOKA said...

Oh man, how do I balance all this listening? Oh I know! Take the day off again!

Thanks for the inkstuds hint Carrie, I'm kinda off the radar screen rightnow.

Hey, that owl, she/he brings back good old Batman. It'S got good poses! A Robin-quote? "Holy WowoW!"