Friday, January 16, 2009


2009's first bookswap happened last night. The words are stuck together because it's not really a swap; the rules are that you dump your books on the floor when you roll in and paw through the pile as the night goes on. First come, my friends.

I ended up with Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell and cronopios and fama by Julio Cortazar, which will perhaps help me decide if I actually dig him beyond "A Letter to A Young Lady in Paris."

I burnt the chili a bit, but people ate it anyway. For dessert, SEC brought a delicious pie. Too bad it has sour cream in it, limiting me to one slice for fear of GI repercussions.

Along with chili topping, MM brought me a gift:

It is filled with great advice for the modern home haircutter, such as:
"With layers, the assumption that short hair has limited styling options is false."
"Children make wonderful models for the home haircutter."
"For the teen who wants a braided 'tail,' take a fine parting in the back an leave it much longer than you plan to cut the next parting." Then slap em!

Since I cut my and B's hair, I am hoping to furnish us both with the Children's Unisex cut ASAP. I think it will give us the confidence we need:


LOOKA said...

Awww, Awesome!

Anonymous said...

That kid is stoked: totally rockin the Unisex Cut!

Amanda said...

So, what you're saying is, "Hair cut party at Carrie's place, next Sunday. Be there!"

: )

Carrie said...

Oh man, when the Prog Lady lived here, it was hair cut party all the time.

And as for the books, i try to do the swap every three months or so, but keep forgetting!

amy said...

I am so bummed I missed it. But on the upside, I do have a bag full of paperbacks -- including some awesome issues of Public Space, a Best American anthology and some other gems, GEMS I say -- under my desk at work. Just waiting to be swapped. Or abandoned. Poor books.

Carrie said...

Amy, if you want to, you can just bring them over and I can save them for next time. It's warm here and they'd have plenty of friends.

Amanda said...

I've missed your two book swap parties, but totally expect a haircut party when I come to NYC in the spring!

: )

the prog lady said...

my hair is out of control right now. i'm a wildebeest.