Monday, May 14, 2012

half a good ship MoCCA: 2012

An inexplicable sea theme for the post? Yes, and? Help me fill in the question marks in the comments.
Salty sailors Kenan Rubenstein and Neil Brideau
Three Armed Squids Kim Ku, Alexandra Beguez and Alden Viguilla. Their tablemate, Estrella Vega, is unpictured because I apparently don't know how to use a camera. I remembered Kim and Alexandra  from the SVA table last year and was happy to see all their new stuff.
Prism Index, editor Jeffery Bowers, handmade paper, music, movies, and a vast collection of conch shells. Jeffery told me that I looked miserable which is always nice to hear.
CCS castaways Denis St. John, Matt Aucoin and ???
Idiot's Books' co-captain Robbi Behr.
Alabaster sails into the storm with The Complete Talamaroo.
The Hic & Hoc table, helmed by Matt Moses. His triton is hidden. Guess where!
Jensine Eckwall, Lily Padula, ????, Lindsey Richter were gracious, for sea witches.
MariNaomi, one of my favorite crew members of The Rumpus, signs my book and makes me feel like a million pirate golds.
Box Brown, with booty from the holds of Retrofit Comics.

Requisite (and terrible) crowd shots:

Because of my looming surgery and general malaise, I wasn't sure that I would make this MoCCA. I was only able to circulate for about two hours. I saw many fewer iPad displays than last year and seemingly more handmade work by youngoes and oldies alike. Along the left wall there was a large group of antipodean folks, under the banner of Caravan of Comics and I popped in long enough to check out Mandy Ord's books and buy her collection, Sensitive Creatures. I wish I had been able to spend more time at the Caravan since meeting authors from other places is one of my main reasons to go to shows. I was happy to pick up two Retrofit comics that came out before my subscription started. By the time I made it all the way to the right of the space, I couldn't afford any Nordic beauty, but it was cool to see the contingent present again this year.

The show felt more attuned to my interests than last year, which meant I spent a ton of money. There seemed to be fewer melting neon faces in the mix but perhaps my rose-colored glasses were acting up. Hooray! But the usual looming question still hung heavy on the day: who is making money at this thing? The price of tables needs to go down and/or the door fee has to go. More attendees and more, and more relaxed, contributors could only make the show better. With a venue like the Armory, walk-ins could be an powerful audience--especially with an extra 15 or so dollars in their pocket. I know that the fest is in fact a benefit for the MoCCA museum, but as I said last year, the high price of doing MoCCA might feel a better value if they actually did a much higher ratio of programming highlighting the small press comics community.
the haul
I also hit up Sean Ford's long-awaited book release party at Bergen Street comics. It was great to see all the CCS folks and other interested parties. When I checked out, the dude asked me if it was my first time "coming out" and I wanted to punch him in the face, but instead I just said "no." Sigh.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

items of interest

I finally got a new P.O. box. Yes, I braved the absolutely terrible Atlantic Station office with my two sets of I.D. and glistening neck scar and picked up the keys today. Here is the address:
Carrie Try Harder
P.O. Box 170293
Times Plaza Station
Brooklyn, NY 
An exciting essay on pregnancy and the importance of controlling one's own information (and body) over at The Rumpus: On Pregnancy and Privacy and Fear by Aubrey Hirsch.
Even if you have never been pregnant, or noticeably pregnant, it will make you angry, perhaps nod in recognition and hopefully remind you to check yourself around pregnant, and all, women.

Catching up on my podcast listening and heard the Inkstuds interview about RUB THE BLOOD with editors Ian Harker and Pat Aulisio. If you want to hear some serious Philly-style accents, check it out.

And what's happening over at the hairpin you ask? Well, they finally have an Ask An Archivist column.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

what I've been doing

Feels worse than it looks, but better than it sounds.

But don't worry, I may have lost a few lucrative neck-modeling contracts, but my new gasping talent has triggered several voice-over opportunities in the horror and pharmaceutical industries.


I hope to be back to writing by next week. I hope everyone hasn't decided to stop bitching about MoCCA by then.