Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brothers, lovers & British women

Abandonware by An Owomoyela on PodCastle is an excellent SF story about grief, siblings and powerful love. Owomoyela captures so much about the experience of a "shrinking family," the strange, painful tension between the roles of child, adult and sibling and the strange rituals required for "moving on." I don't believe in moving on exactly, more like moving through, but this story was a nicely wrought piece of sibling fiction.

Here's an interesting interview with Owomoyela at Fantasy Magazine.


The other blogger in my house finally posted something! If you like music and blurry pictures, you will love this mega post.


Because I lost two awesome books in a row, my subway reading dwindled to reading those eerie "Does NYC need church?" ads and NY Post headlines. This was not sustainable, so after a very long class I went to the library on campus and checked over their paltry fiction section for something to distract on the ride home. At first nothing seemed to grab me from the college-bookshelf collection, but then I saw Leonora Carrington's The Hearing Trumpet. It was a nice edition and looked intriguing. I'm loving it so far with its wise and anarchic old ladies and precise, pulsing language. I can't wait to dive back in. That's one of her amazing paintings on the cover. After I finish the book I want to find out more about her art.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recently lost, in transit, in limbo:

1) my glasses
2) my keys and various other things in an excellent, and also lost, tote bag
3) a half-read copy of You Were Wrong
4) a just started copy of Lucius Shepard's short stories
5) the only cord that works for my computer
6) time to write
7) my attention span
9) healthy wrist movement