Saturday, April 17, 2010

nice lettering

Any letterers out there? How about form fetishists?

Check out this event at Columbia's Butler Library on April 20:

Notes of an Alphabetical Fetishist: Lettered in Rome

"Russell Maret
will discuss his recent alphabetical investigations and experiments conducted while a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Russell's initial intention in Rome was to document and analyze lettering in the catacombs. Upon arrival, however, he was quickly diverted by the great variety of classical lettering styles; and what began as an inquiry into non-Imperial lettering developed into a more playful study of diverse alphabetical "themes." Join Russell for a tour of what he found in Rome and what he made as a result."

If I wasn't mired in work, etc., etc.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


"a better life for everybody"
Eleanor Davis on inkstuds. She is such a great thinker--I love hearing her perspectives on the importance of children's literature, the complicatedness of life, gender politics and why you should have bought her mini comics already. Robin also briefly talks about his struggle with sane presentation of women on his show, which was quite interesting to me as a listener.


Did you know that the Library of Congress just acquired every tweet ever? Now that all those messages about nausea and disappointment (just me?) will be available to researchers of the future I feel a little chastened.


Among the many things I can't do because of school crunch time is this:

Lectures on the Dime Museum, head hunting and automata--what more could you ask for?
Sorry to disappear so soon after MoCCA but between the end-of-the-semester-crazies, being back at work and trying to juggle some other obligations, blogging has slipped down the list of priorities.

I have a couple of reviews in the works, both for here and inkstuds, and I can't wait to get them to you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MoCCA 2010 haul

Between purchases and generously-given review copies, mine and B's MoCCA bounty was large and impressive. Not pictured are a Tshirt and large print also purchased at the show.

This time around I got to visit many of the tables I'd been hoping to see and am greatly regretting the ones I missed. I'm sure as more MoCCA reports come out, the more regretful I will be.

Monday, April 12, 2010

MoCCA roundup

obligatory crowd shot

This year's MoCCA was much more fun than last year. Here are some things that I noticed:
1) business cards everywhere
2) prints--so many more than last year
3) ft. thunder-influenced neon color jams everywhere. too bad...
4) the babies of mocca should be a calendar. 2008/2009 must have been sexy years for cartoonists.
5) CCS has become a formidable presence and I love it. their tables dwarfed even the large publishers.
6) the reading area was bullshit. guess the high table price backfired. some seats would have been nice for actual relaxing.
7) comic newspapers abounded. this is an exciting development. if you didn't pick up at least one you are a confirmed idiot.

Things I wished I had done:
1) see what the school kids were up to. the risd, sva, etc. tables were jumping.
2) gotten a copy of pood.
3) not gone inside the village pourhouse. i couldn't get the smell of cheese-stuffed desperation out of my nose for hours--and i didn't even make it down to the party!
4) gone to limerick earlier
5) checked out more of the Scanda contingent
6) eaten fewer eggs

Some pictures from Day 2:

l. nichols rules you

kenan rubenstein and girlcate bring intensity

neil brideau is very tolerant

j.t. yost is loving and virile

sara edward-corbett is creating something beautiful

mike bertino is not afraid

"sofia olsson"* brings some Swedish flavor

sara lindo, steve seck and darryl ayo were excited in the face of disappointment

the grants can see into your soul. they do not like what they see.

mr. phil, peter rios and charlito are about to go for a post-fest fun run

Why didn't I take a picture of you? Probably because your comics sicken me. Or I ran out of memory. You decide!

*that's what the name tag says, folks.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MoCCA, cha cha cha

Because I need to sleep, and also need to be late for everything, yesterday at MoCCA was a bit of a wash. So, in lieu of a detailed rundown of people and things, here are some photos from this morning:

MoCCA walking shoes

First day's haul

window gardening- nasturtium seedlings

See you at the armory!