Saturday, April 17, 2010

nice lettering

Any letterers out there? How about form fetishists?

Check out this event at Columbia's Butler Library on April 20:

Notes of an Alphabetical Fetishist: Lettered in Rome

"Russell Maret
will discuss his recent alphabetical investigations and experiments conducted while a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Russell's initial intention in Rome was to document and analyze lettering in the catacombs. Upon arrival, however, he was quickly diverted by the great variety of classical lettering styles; and what began as an inquiry into non-Imperial lettering developed into a more playful study of diverse alphabetical "themes." Join Russell for a tour of what he found in Rome and what he made as a result."

If I wasn't mired in work, etc., etc.

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LOOKA said...

Imma letterer! Would be nice to see/here that.

I have started to draw letters more again, something I left for a while since I have wrenched letters as a proffession for many a year. A DRAG!

But now the fun is back!