Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surprisingly hot: Roxborough plumbers
Surprisingly cold: my parents' house


I didn't bring my camera to Philly, which is too bad for many reasons:
1) I can't show you the giant amaryllis that my dad grew from an old bulb.
2) I can't show you the hole in the yard.
3) And those comics I'm reviewing, can't get a pic for those either.

Truly, what is the point of being up before nine if you can't take advantage of the light? Besides basking in it, that is.


LOOKA said...

Sunbasking, when will you be back??

I see you read/arereading Kramers 7, I imagine I could get wrapped up in it! How are all the books on the 2009IANS list?

It's fun to badmouth winter!

Sara Corbett said...

What's light good for, besides basking, anyway?