Thursday, January 15, 2009

Important thing #1

A plane crashed in the Hudson river a few minutes ago, quite close to where I live. It looks like everyone has been rescued which is amazing and wonderful.

This sort of thing is why I never pass up an opportunity to tell those that are close to me how much I love them. You never know when something terrible might happen. That sounds oppressive, but I find it quite freeing because understanding that and being at peace with that means that I can never allow day-today bullshit to get in the way of the important things in my life. Important thing #1 is the people that I have chosen (and not. hi mom and dad!) to fill out my life.

So, my suggestion for inner peace? Write your aunty a letter telling her that you think of her every time you drink a margarita, send your best friend a xerox copy of a note you passed in middle school, thank your brother for being your brother next time you talk, even if you don't do that sort of thing usually.

Deep breaths, kids.


LOOKA said...

Yes, that's the kind of thing it takes.

Judith said...