Monday, July 16, 2007

Test your mettle! Win prizes!

All you writers and cartoonists take heed, the first contest in tryharderland has come.

The challenge: make a story from this spam header: "Brian LaBovick: I think it was an accumulation of things."

The prize: a box of books and other assorted goodies from me to you and your story published here.

The deadline: July 30th, 2007

The rules: you must be over 18, one entry per entrant, original work only (no "It was a dark and stormy Brian LaBovick"), one winner (unless I change my mind), you retain the rights but I get first publishing, no spam, no viruses, no epics please. I have the right to consider only entries I want to consider. Basically, I am the judge and the jury here and in this kangaroo court, awesomeness can trump all rules.

The gauntlet has been thrown, my friends.


iStringer said...

I love does your comment thingy no my name? I don't have a blogger account...

iStringer said...

I hate errors though. I meant know not no, ugh!

Carrie said...

I have no idea! Which Matthew are you? Maybe blogger just wants to know you better...

Amanda said...

Challenge accepted. Game on!

: ) Amanda

Anonymous said...

So, I was well into writing about hapless Brian LaBovick (at least, so he's cast in my tale) when I was struck that although I know nothing about him, he must be real, so I Googled him. You can imagine my delight at finding his website, advertising his services specialising in drug and toxic torts, wrongful death, injury, etc...oh ho ho! Glee!

Anonymous said...

matt didn't know my name this time. Guess it forgot about me already...

Anonymous said...

Dad, Lies & Videotape
By Wanda Jewell

Dad was busy videotaping Carly reading a storybook to an imaginary classroom of children. I hate the way she turns the book out for the imaginary students to see the pictures. I turned to the television set to watch the video when I first noticed. It was a great video coming up on my favorite part and I didn’t want to go yet. But I knew I would need to stand up so as to hold it longer so I stood by the shelf where the legos were, and I began to play with them, and before I knew it I felt the wet start out and I smashed my legs together tight and all the while Carly read on. I took off down the stairs.

Dad: Where have you been?

Brian: I changed my underwear.

Dad: You did?

Brian: Yes (proudly pulling down his shorts for dad to see his dry panties)

Dad: Did you wet the floor?

Brian: No

Dad: Where were you when you wet your pants?

Brian: (running over to the lego shelf) Right here.

Dad: Why didn’t you say anything?

Brian: My mouth was glued.

Dad: Your mouth was glued?

Brian: Uh huh.

Dad: Brian LaBovick?!?

Brian: I think it was an accumulation of things.

The End