Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blood! Pus! Learning?

Just finished The Knife Man. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Part of my enjoyment as that this nonfiction book took place (and had some of the same characters and institutions) during and after the times of the Baroque Trilogy books by Neal Stephenson, which I loved, digressions be damned.

Both make me want to pick up a copy of Samuel Pepys' journals and dive in.

Look for a review here soon.

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Bill Peschel said...

If you do dive into Pepys, check out the version published by the University of California Press. Not only do they correct the errors found in previous editions, they annotate the entries, a vital addition to understanding the series.

If you can, try either the 1660/1 or the 1666 volumes. The first covers the end of Cromwell's government, the transition to King Charles, the trial and gruesome executions of the regicides, and Pepys scuttling to find a place. The '66 covers the plague year and the great fire.

There's also a web site out there that's publishing each day's entry, making Pepys the first dead blogger.