Thursday, April 04, 2013

some good things

"Attached to the box was a label that said: "Do not open until war is over." Which war? The Civil War? The War of 1812? What he discovered was a box filled with disguised anti-Nazi tracts hidden in packets of tea and shampoo and concealed in miniature books both popular and scholarly."
I always forget about the NYPL's blogs and then there they are, pointing me to amazing object, books or trains of thought and inspiring great ideas.

New plants are patented each week. Who knew? Here are some color pictures of them.
Additionally, prison libraries are covered more than I expected in a few of the blogs.
Also, a bunch of pictures of Christopher Walken!


I really enjoyed this essay on book reviews, the desire to hurt/ignore/erase any "girl who fucks" and this: "I don’t want to write about rape anymore. But here we are." Trigger Warning by Sarah McCarry

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