Monday, February 11, 2013

These essays at The Rumpus on mental illness are necessary:
Sick by Amy Butcher
That's Life by Seth Fischer
Through the Cracks by Sue Sanders

And these interviews with people who make things are very different and very interesting:
The Rumpus Interview with Natalie Dee by Jory John
The Rumpus Book Club Discussion with George Saunders


Sometimes you order Breaking & Entering by Joy Williams from the internet and end up with a Lemony Snickett book but nothing else is wrong right at the moment.


The only thing that makes the cancellation of Saturday delivery by the USPS not entirely heartbreaking is that it will make Mondays somewhat more exciting.

Let's all make someone's week's beginning better by writing them a letter. (New slogan possibility? Send check to P.O. Box 170293, Times Plaza Station, Brooklyn, NY, 1217-9997)

My young pen pal is on the list for this week; who is on yours?

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