Saturday, January 09, 2010

Debbie Drechsler draws nature between freelance illustration assignments. If you like mushrooms and other fungi, Just Around the Corner is where it's at. And though I can't find mention of it anywhere on her sites, she is also the author of the comic books Summer of Love and Daddy's Girl. I first saw her work in Twisted Sisters 2: Drawing the Line when I was a young gal, and again and again now when I page through my copy.


The most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time:

From Twig & Thistle, via Letter Writers Alliance


The NYPL is on twitter. Their offerings so far have been a mix of news, quotes from books in the catalog and links to images, which is ok, I guess, but something is missing. A voice perhaps?


Sara said...

I like that letter!

Carrie said...

I know! How could you not fall (or stay) in love with someone who made you that?