Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A million weekends in one

Last Saturday, in the midst of two family visits, I went to MoCCAfest.
I immediately looked for the PARTYKA table to see what was up with Sara and her crew, but since the map of the vendors required more attention than I could give, I just wandered around being tantalized until B showed up and said he had seen the trouble I was looking for.

Here's my haul:

I did well at the sparkplug comicbooks table and Dylan Williams was nice enough to chat for awhile, make recommendations and throw a book for reviewing my way. It looks like they are putting out a bunch of quality stuff, (including Austin English's new book Windy Corners).

I also got this cool little painting by Lucy Knisley called "SUPER TALL BIKE !":

Hope Larson was keeping a watchful eye on her, but Lucy did cut me and B a deal on the painting and was an all-around cool lady. Hope was there selling her own books and the amazing House of Sugar.

There were two floors of vendors and so much good stuff that I ended up spending all my money before I really got a chance to see everything. One thing I love about this fest is that it is not a comicon; there are no jerks in costume, no bikini-clad sexrobots and no attitude. There are however loads of hot folks all heady with overstimuli. The only thing missing is food.

I wanted to buy a painting or large prints, but nothing caught my eye fast enough. Next time... sigh.

B and his sister also got lost and broke with stuff from Squidfire and Top Shelf and Paping.

On the way to Atlas Cafe on Second Ave. for vegan soft serve (which they were out of), an unusually generous Houston St. junk seller gave me this cd for free:

The music looks bad, but I have a weakness for Nara's angry girls.

Because my mom and aunt came to town I could not attend the second day and spend even more money than I have. I am trying to look at that like it is a good thing even though I know I missed hungover cartoonist shenanigans and desperate giveaways. Years of my own desperation has given me a keen sense of smell for it...

I wish I had had more time to meet people, get some stuff signed and see other acquaintances that were lurking about. Write a letter, kids, MoCCAfest needs to be twice a year.

That night B's band had a show and we were all wrecked for my femrelations' visit the next day. Only I accompanied them to the Folk Art Museum, which I always love. It is so near to MOMA that I think people forget about it. The space is great and the exhibits are usually interesting. I highly recommend it for New Yorkers especially; I mean, how many times can you drag yourself through the Met after everyone has visited?


Amanda said...

I, too, am a sucker for the angry girls and own a slew of notebooks etc, most of which were impulse or "having a crappy day" purchases, simply because I love their little frowns.

Carrie said...

yes, Nara is totally a good pick me up. Even my dad likes the girls...

Amanda said...

Plus, I like that you are holding the painting of the bicyclette with your feet. Very resourceful!

: )