Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No More to Roam, for now

Portland, OR:
gyros, stumptown, other people's crushes, the world's tiniest adult shop, Grundel!, arts and crafts architecture, plant wowsers

Road, rock, road, sleep, road, Best Western

Ellensburg, WA and beyond:
bands, wind, cold, sunscreen, "historic downtown," tension, bad food, wavers and butt watchers

Road, tension, drive-by Seattle, road, rock, road

Portland, OR:
other people's work, pizza, hybrids, more plant wowsa, baby lust, mexican, painful math, goodbyes, cool school, bed, breakfast, heat, Powell's: disappointment, then redemption in the comix (I love the nineties) and small press sections (will I like Gary Lutz? Everybody else seems to), Chinese garden not for free, gyros, tea, tea, tea and airplane.

New York City:
sigh, water plants, sleep, sigh

Back to the books!

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