Wednesday, October 25, 2006

more for the voyeurs.

So here's the deal.
I am having trouble writing these reviews, so I want a little jumpstart. I am going to start with a question about books, which I will post at the bottom. You, my dear readers will email me or comment with some other bookish questions you'd like me to answer.

Then i will put them all together in format that you can annoy your intardnet friends with.


number 1: what book goes best with severe burning with urination?

Comment away.


ctheokas said...

"Your Guite to Urinary Tract Infections", by Dr. Irving Prescott Freely.

Or did you mean real books?

Carrie said...

no silly. am asking you to write a question for me, about books, which I will then answer for you. I am hoping for a list.

Anonymous said...

what book do you read when you cannot fall asleep for long periods of time?

(for me, the answer is the complete diaries of andy warhol. I have NO idea why.)

what book would you lend someone upon whom you were crushing?

Anonymous said...

What books do you open for comfort when you've woken up from a nightmare?

What are some books that make you laugh inappropriately in public places?