Monday, August 07, 2006

down in the dumps

I should be writing letters, but instead I want to talk on the phone.

I feel bad. I miss my friends and their friends and projects and conversation and stopping by and Rittenhouse Square and and and.

What do you do when the spookies won't quit?


amy said...

i have to watch movies and eat pizza. yep, my inner stoner comes out, apparently. because it is hard for me to get out of my own mind sometimes (esp. when i am in the midst of huge angst, usually about what i am writing or trying to write or not writing or, like, what writing is, man) but watching movies helps, esp. sad droopy ones, for some reason. and because i like pizza.

Carrie said...

Thanks so much...
hope all is well

Anonymous said...

I always tell myself I should do healthy things like they say in magazines, like Take a Walk or Do Yoga or Meditate or Steam Some Dark Leafy Greens or Gaze at an Inspiring Photograph but this never works, does it, and I (I don't know about you) sometimes try to do these things and then give up halfway and then there's failure added to the spooky mix.

the reality is my suggestion list looks like this:
-take on too much work/too many projects so there is no time to think
-watch as many law & order reruns as I can, often until 2 a.m. or later
-drink vodka
-eat nothing but cereal
-pretend nothing's wrong

hmm. maybe you shouldn't listen to me. would you like some, ah, kale?

Anonymous said...

hi, Carrie. i just popped over from 50 books and i haven't read much of your site, but i wanted to let you know that i miss Rittenhouse Square too, in hopes that maybe shared "home"sickness would chase some spookies away. for me, it was just nice to read about someone else missing that spot. it's been two years since i moved back to California from Philadelphia. i miss Rittenhouse Square and its trees and walkways, and the fountain and all the moms and nannies and kids that would be around it on a sunny day, and the colored lights in the trees in the winter, and the Pad Thai Shack on 17th and Sansom. i hope you can get back there soon!

Carrie said...

hi vickie.

it is so nice to innernets meet you. Your description of rs makes me miss it all over again.

good luck in california and stop back often!

feather said...

Usually I take a double dose of sleeping pills and crawl into bed with my cats for a day or two. But that isn't the best solution. Try:

-Your favourite comfort food. Mine are tea and toast, popcorn, and potatoes, only not all together like that.
-Favourite music played really loudly on headphones or stereo and children's books.
-A walk in someplace you find overwhelmingly beautiful. I go to the desert.
-Find a playground and swing.
-Bookstores! Bookstores are like churches for me, seriously. Going to one instantly calms me and makes me feel safe and happy.
-I have a few books that are like literary valium for me. A friend swears by Jane Austen for instant happy relaxation, but I read Nabokov. NOT Lolita. Usually Speak, Memory. There's just something about his language that makes me happy no matter what horrors are going through my head.
-Memorize poems and recite them to yourself for those times when you are on a subway or an airplane or something and can't curl up with a cat.