Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hi, I'm Carrie

And I'm an alcoholic, but for books. [apologies to AA and The Onion]

After a Daylight Savings-thwarted trip to Skyline Books near Union Square, my friend Dave and I went to the Strand, even though I begged poverty during our coffee date. Luckily Dave is generous and I have a credit card. I was going to look for some comics, mostly anything by Phoebe Gloeckner, suggested to me by Mary, my new booger pal. She is a lightening linker, and loves the life as far as I can tell.

Instead Dave and I combed the dollar racks and finding nothing, I hunched and squatted to find some paperback fiction. This is what I chose, with my rationalizations for spending the money:

1) The Bad Seed by William March
Rationalization: I loved the movie and it was only $5. Wait, "only $5"? Obviously, I was high on book mold and soy milk.

2)Bigfoot Dreams by Francine Prose
Rationalization: I am on a Prose kick. It is hardback and unavailable from the library. And I love the title. I think I've had that dream, but instead of bigfoot it was Bill Clinton.

3)I am not Jackson Pollock by John Haskell
Rationalization: I see this Haskell character everywhere. He must be good, right? Also the stories contained are about movies, art, and literature and I am always looking for a twisted take on sacred cows. Plus, I almost typed Polack, and that's fun.

4)Great Granny Webster by Caroline Blackwood
Rationalization: the cover is great. I have been wanting to read by this publisher for awhile. Now I can.

Any thoughts on these? I would love to have my decision justified by my rational and unbiased readers.

***Edited to add: here is a Bookslut article on nybr, and it looks like I picked a good novella to start with.


Anonymous said...

apparently gloeckner's books have been in and out of print (more out than in lately) BUT I may have a hookup at a store in cobble hill bklyn. will let you know. mmm, booger.

Carrie said...

That would be excellent.