Thursday, March 12, 2009


I always crave pickled onions with my rice and beans. Now I needn't be left wanting. These were pickled with cloves, allspice and a bay leaf.

Carrots pickled with garlic and dill. I needed to do something with these CSA beauties before they turned to mush.

My first time pickling anything certainly turned out surprisingly well. What new things are you trying during this long winter?


Amanda said...

Hi, pickles! Y'all certainly look delicious!

Sara said...

You are far braver than I! I've made pickles in the past, but have always been too afraid to eat them my homemade ones.

Carrie said...

These are made the fast way, on the stove. Since I plan on eating them quickly and keeping them refrigerated, I am not worried about any nasties.

looka said...

Lookin ' fresh in that red! E has made antipasti-like veggies with herbs and lots of olive oil. GOOD!