Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dreaming is free (wave to Debbie)

My dreams last night included:
* Co-ed platonic showering as a timesaver and consideration of the options for explaining this delightful, if somewhat awkward, technique to significant others.
* An invasion of my garden by poor taste and poor composting. Also illegal fences.
* Indoor plant placement for the single male, including snake plants
* Office building shenanigans
* A return of certain vices, with regret

Not too far from real life, if a bit more colorful. I blame the terrible chocolate soy dessert I made and not reading before bed.


Lately, I've been making dinner. It has been delicious, you should come over. A few hours after that it is late, and I get inspired to do projects or practice--writing, drawing, gluing things to other things. I know I should just go to bed so that the tomorrow(s) won't be awful, so instead of actually making things, I split the difference and stay up too late doing nothing. Then I am exhausted and pissed off when I wake up and droopy and stupid at work. Apparently I can only be a gettin'-it-done superstar in one arena, and despite the terrible choco-barf I made last night, it seems to be in the kitchen. No one is more surprised than I.


So what should Eye Baggins Jones do with her unruly clock and seasonings?

1 comment:

looka said...

Oh my, I really don't know!

But seeing that your smartfactor is much higher than mine, because I am degenerated by all kinds of not-reading and time-wasting in the last months, how could I???