Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bergen Books

Tonight I joined SEC and PS for an evening of books on Bergen Street. First we went to the opening party for a new comic shop. Bergen Street Comics was jumping with comics folks (I spied Julia Wertz, MK Reed, Liz Baillie and Gabrielle Bell), a couple in complimentary checkered pants, various moustaches and free beer. Some people were enjoying the ample seating (a rarity in comic shops)The selection seemed to be a mix of mainstream and alternative offerings, shelved loosely by genre, but the two books I was looking for were gone-probably snapped up in the party's frenzy. So, despite being all caught up in the heady fumes of capitalism, I left empty-handed.

A bit further down the block at 456 Bergen St. is Unnameable Books aka Adam's Books. Here new and used books mingle. I saw a bunch of treasures tucked into the shelves and while the prices are a bit higher than I'd like the selection makes up for any miserly feelings. Along with books, Unnameable has poetry chapbooks, zines and a few minicomics. There was also a good size children's section.

On the way over from Atlantic station (the Bergen 2,3 stop was closed for construction) I spied a rather large Salvation Army.

All of this to say that I will be back.


looka said...

Good to hear that there's more comic shops around! A book shop that carries minicomics is one other thing I'd like to see here.

Amanda said...

Can we go in the summer, too? I expect The Full Tour when I visit!

Carrie said...

Sims: I love minis! There are so many good ones by NYCers but the only place I've found that reliably has them is Forbidden Planet.

Amanda: We will have so much fun. Don't fall into Simon's travel trap though-- too many books to carry back!

looka said...

Too true! This means:

A.) NO Strand
B.) NO Comicshops
C.) NO markets
D.) Only buy as much as you can fit into your handbag.

I couldn't do it... too many books!

...and I had to get on Carries nerves to send them after me...

Amanda said...

The key difference here is--if need be, I could walk back to Canada towing my books in a little red wagon.

: )

looka said...

Ya! I thought of the same thing the second I pushed the button...

That, and the fact that you are smarter than me.