Friday, March 13, 2009

Lone Racer by Nicholas Mahler

I got this at a bookswap last year. This little tale of love and loss and car racing from Top Shelf charmed quite a few critics, but not me. Maybe it was the lack of humanity imparted by the character design or the fact that I couldn't force myself to care about the sad sack main character's plight that kept me from enjoying it. Maybe plot-light mid-life crisis stories just don't do it for me right now.

Maybe I shouldn't write anymore about it!

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looka said...

Bad swap! So how was it attractive to exchange?

By the way, I can see why the long version Mahler might not work. Especially since he works out his stuff in short-joke form. I haven't read LR, but try his super-quirky slapstic strip series like "Van Helsing's night out." Very scurille with no ties to reality at all.

So maybe the characters work better in that setting - but don't punch me if not... PLEASE