Monday, March 02, 2009

At home with my growing tooth and and unfair tingling, internal, I was going to show you the wee flower shoots that have appeared in the garden over the past weeks. Instead there is just a winta wondaland out there, just white covering all the dead plants, strange voodoo items (several whole, white eggs and a set of bird's wings, sans bird), and fallen branches in my yard.

With those wonders and mysteries covered up on such a painful and distracting day, I will turn to books. In particular, the books of 2008. 2009 has been such a good reading year so far that I want to get to those books as soon as I finish up last year.


looka said...

...maybe it was the troll...

Amanda said...

Since Friday night, it has been so cold in Toronto it numbs one's thighs each time one steps outdoors. So far, this situation has resulted in:

1. extra loads of laundry (from layering so many shirts and socks at once)

2. three nights of bourbon-drinking (for the warm slide it traces down your chest)

3. an impromptu Frenching and snuggling session with a friend (oh yeah, totally just to keep warm...I swear! heh heh)

But, we have no snow. This makes things all the more cruel, since I believe there is only one good reason for "cold" to exist in nature, and that is to prevent the snow from melting. No snow, no excuse for cold!

Carrie said...

Sims: It could have been, but I don't like to think he can get into my yard. Plus, he was too busy smoking up the joint the past week. It's awful!

Amanda: I also have the extra laundry problem. When you have to lug it outside-yuck-it becomes a HUGE problem.