Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday that Should be Tuesday

Today I have cramps. My back feels like a soccer ball after a particularly vicious, and perhaps not very high-scoring, middle school match. The internet is conspiring with my back to keep me doubled over in pain and angst, taking forever to do such things as load pictures of unfortunately dressed starlets on Go Fug Yourself (sometimes not even loading them at all!) and refreshing my empty email box.

To distract myself, I wander around my house peering at my plants. I want to repot them all, start over kinda, but most are still in their dormant stages and to do so would be both cruel and disappointing. Besides, many of them are still recuperating after my trip out West when their babysitter decided to do the equivalent of dropping LSD and deciding to make a turkey. Next time I will better consider my plant choices, since my babysitter choices have really been made for me. But, the snow is melting and making charming dripping sounds near my window and I can see the green tips of my bulbs blooming in the back and the rotten pumpkin slowly collapsing on itself near the door. With a birthday gift certificate I ordered some plants that will come in the spring and have a list of other stuff I want to get for the closest approximation of a year-round garden I can do. Some window boxes would be nice too, all I need is some wood and the freaking charger cord for the drill driver. Deep breath.

In celebration of non-freezing temperatures, I took a walk yesterday, then a bus ride, then another walk and ended up at the Strand. I found luck on the dollar rack with The Sleeping Father by Matthew Sharpe. Then I went inside and found many more books and decided on two:

Warburger, international comics about war, with an intro by Alexsandar Zograf
The Great Short Works of Franz Kafka, including the Hunger Artist, a story I have been looking for in vain since last year, where some works are listed gigantically in the table of contents, perhaps indicating that they are greater than the other great works.

I would like to exercise today too, but the sun is already on its way down and I haven’t been able to hobble over to the shower or the kitchen yet today, Deep breathing helps, and Advil would help too if I had something in my stomach. Oatmeal it is.


Matt said...

I'm using my new glasses to read you blog. Much, much better... Not your blog just reading general!

Carrie said...

when are you coming to NYC? do your glasses help you look into the future?

Matt said...

As I seem to remember, it was your glasses that were so thick that you could see into the future.

I dunno when I'm coming NYC. Mid-March perhaps? How about the weekend of the 16th? This time, I'd really do want to go to the Nintendo store.