Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here I am wondering where the most ideal place in my apartment is to begin simultaneously puking and shitting. I think a room with tile, no? Not that that is likely to happen, but at this point I kind of wish it would. I have a feeling the nausea is a distraction tactic, a move to not-so-subtley move my attention from the unnamed terror inside.

In fact, I had a dream this morning where the exact action described above was happening to me in a wood paneled group shower/toilet/computer lab, but joining me was not one of the young ladies I shared my art museum/dorm room with, but my friend Matt Mn. He was sitting right behind me, near the toilet, cracking jokes and I kept thinking, "Get out of here! Get out of here! I am going to poop! Why is he still here?" He was funny though.

All this to say that I am not feeling well and my recent reading been mostly work-related. Well why don't you write up some of those books you already read, you say?

Nobody likes a nag, I say back.


moonlight ambulette said...

you said "poop."

Matt said...

There was a neat photo article on slate not too long ago about the rise of expensive, over the top bathrooms in the US. The trend seemed to go with tile or marble though there were some wood examples as well.

I never feel comfortable in wood bathrooms, as if the material somehow soaks up the smells and liquid matter. I equate wood with those terrible, padded vinyl toilet seat cushions that people often get in a wood grain pattern. Man (and womyn, for all you feminists) was meant to shit, pee and puke on hard, cold materials!