Wednesday, February 07, 2007

far away

Hello from a wireless hotspot in beautiful Menlo Park, CA. I am practicing being a grandaughter while I still have a chance and mostly enjoying it.

Related: anyone know any good bookstores in sanfran? And don't say "city lights," because duh! and also doi!

Related: if you want to make me happy, write me some comments/emails. It gets lonesome here under the orange trees.


Doppelganger said...

The internet IS lonely today. What's up with that? Is everyone hanging out on a different internet?

I don't know of any good bookstores in SF, but I can direct you to an awesome DIY day spa called Osento. I can't remember the exact address, but it's somewhere in the Mission and you can easily look it up. It's in an old brownstone, and it's got awesome soaker tubs and wet and dry saunas. The best part is you pay something like 15 bucks, which gives you in/out privileges all day, and you can just wander from tub to sauna to tub all day long. And all you need to bring are your own snacks and towels. Trust me -- it's awesome.

Matt S. said...

Here's a link from the Times you'll enjoy:

Also, I'm going to San Fran for my B-day in June: is the city worth the trip and the money?

ctheokas said...

Go to Escape From New York Pizza. When I was there it was near Market Street (or whatever), near a giant Virgin Megastore.

mary said...

I went to the movies in SF. I don't remember where. I was lost the whole time I was there. the entire week. I also ate really delicous afghani food at a place... uh... it was on or near a hill. I think. helpful? no. see you soon though. safe travels. sunshine. etc.

Graceanne said...

Check out Cody's and Stacey's. They're both indie bookstores. City Lights is still cooler, though!