Monday, December 19, 2005

Why? You Don't Write Letters...

Even though it happened last week, I am today mourning the loss of a sheet of stamps stolen from my notebook at the Eastern Bloc Cafe* last week. The thief left my almost entirely unused sketchbook, ignored the temptation of reading the three letters tucked in the back, and didn't even take a souvenir drawing for him/herself. Instead they stole an almost full sheet of stamps and turned the book over to the management.

What could this person possibly need those stamps for? Sending in the bill for their Fashion Bug credit card? Trading it for a tiny crack rock? Sticking on a card to grandma, begging her for the usual $5 Christmas check?


Anyway, I needed those stamps to send letters to relations and thank you cards, one to my friend Dave, who illustrated this book. He is very talented and looks painfully cute in a tux.

*not its real name

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