Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The Christmas is over, and life has returned to normal in my house. This is good, but what is not good is this: I am sick! I am filled with snot. I am filled with coughs. I am filled with sadness that my deadlines are still undead, but it is hard to keep the boogers off of the keyboard while I tap tap the work out.

I'm glad I have this book. It is so cute I could die.

I managed to read a few chapters of L.A. Confidential, which I'm still feeling ambivelant about. The other books were touched, but not rocked. I did read all of the two titles mentioned in my last post. Here's the breakdown:

Queen of the Black Black by Megan Kelso
This book was so, so good. Find it if you can. Each comic is a separate story, mostly focusing on ladies of the nineties and their troubles. Surprisingly , Kelso also turns her art towards a handful of middle-aged men and women for stories of regret and (in one case) redemption. Very fun- it held me until 4 AM one night.

Magic Boy & the Robot Elf by James Kochalka
Er, um... I enjoyed this, but I doubt I will pick it up again. The pages themselves look so good, you want to tear them out and eat them, but the story is wandering and weak. The promise of the words "robot," "magic," and "elf" in the title sadly did not coalesce into what I was hoping for. Even profanity was underused.

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