Monday, December 19, 2005


Ok, censorship.

I know if I wasn't allowed to read without boundaries, I would either be dead, much less confident or married to my highschool sweetheart (see dead). I'm not being hyperbolic. Reading has taught me most of the things I know. Reading has refined my thoughts on friendship, my body, love and death. I am a better writer because of being able to read everything I wanted. I am a better person really, because I can now command language to show the world my needs, my desires, my anger and my sadness. I don't need to use my fists. I can make people think. I can tell the people I love them over and over, and hopefully surprise them each time.

Now this is about a school that did not bow to the pressures of its community and hopefully shows its students what being an adult is about. It is also about a group of writers that cares more about kids' minds than their parents or school seems to. Thanks to Pamie for finding this (and being spectacular about keeping the library in the minds of the cool kids).

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