Monday, June 08, 2009

Some things about MoCCA

1) I can't believe that I missed Kate Beaton.
2) I saw a ton of oversized minis this year. It's a neat idea, but if I can't carry it home with me from the con without crushing it then maybe it's not such a good idea, you know?
3) There weren't many prints this year--good for my wallet, bad for my walls.
4) Speaking of my wallet, I overspent by almost twice my budget in a handful of hours. That's how much good stuff there was.
5) The armory was an interesting space, at the least, even though the giant openness lent a trade-show feeling to the affair.
6) The sketch tables were poorly positioned and advertised so I didn't even know what was happening there until SEC was toiling away behind the tables. A lot of people missed out on great sketches by her and many others.
7) I saw Jason, all by himself, drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper on the corner. I stared at him; he looked away.
8) I had fun with the Indie Spinner Rack guys. Their new book looks really good.
9) Madison Square Park is an excellent place to take a post-con nap.

My haul (above), B's below

I didn't stay very long at the show either day, didn't interview anybody, didn't take any pictures and actually enjoyed myself. Working during conventions isn't fun for anyone... but if you want to chat, drop me an email.


looka said...

Did B get a medal??

Ok, let's see: Papercutter... J's Atomic heart... You ain't no dancer... Freewheel... Pile driver... Eagle Fight Squad... Awesomer 2 of course... I have heard about that brownish book on the left next to the one on the bottom... and WOW, so many books I haven't heard of!

Carrie said...

The two small items in B's pile are from the amazing folks at icecreamlandia. Check them out.

looka said...

Yeah thanks, I think I have seen them somewhere! Aren't they from Norway or somewhere over the ocean??

Carrie said...

No, they are from right here in NYC.

Jesse Post said...

Hey now -- my oversized mini was MEANT to be crushed up in your bag on the way home! It's a crushable oversized mini! :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for the clarification, Jesse. I will display your mini on my COM shelf from now on.

looka said...

"I" can't believe you missed Kate Beaton!