Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coast City Comics

When JetBlue hands you a sweet deal, sometimes you just have to overpack, underdress and barely prepare for a rainy vacation in Maine.

While I was there, Coast City Comics in Portland opened. It seems to be a more superhero and toy-oriented scene than I am into, but an employee assured me that there would be more local stuff and minis to come. If you love mainstream floppies and paraphernalia, this is the place.

Here are some pics which showcase my deteriorating photo skillz. Eye redaction for everyone!

The welcoming crew

One part of the massive back issue selection

Employees, one with smile, one without

The satisfaction of a job well done

As part of the celebration various prize packs were raffled off to lucky winners. Imagine my surprise when our hostess, formerly known as Mary Millwhistle won one of three mystery packs! She'll be well-stocked with bulging biceps and rocket boobs for months. (Also comics history):

For much better pictures, see here later, probably...

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Mary said...

Please come back again soon. Next time I'll call off the rain.