Sunday, June 07, 2009

Did we meet at MoCCA?

Drop me a comment!


looka said... mind was there.

Carrie said...

Simon, I picked up Awesome 2: Awesomer, and even though I'd seen a version of your work in there, it was so cool to hold it in my hands.

It was a great show, event though I ran out of money quite quickly.

Amanda said...

No, we did not. But I'm pretty sure we were chatting each other up in the ladies room.


Yes, it is Monday and I am a smartypants.

When I visit you in August, we can go to MoCCA separately and meet there then I can reply again to this post and say "yes, yes you did!"

looka said...

Haha, What? Hahhahaha, it was good regardless of my entry? Hahah, drinks on me then, so we can toast to this!!

No, really, it's great you had a fine time there. As you know, I would have loved dropping by.
Was B along? And SEC? What else did you get?

Reports please!
Now that I don't Blog anymore, I am more keen to read my friends.