Monday, June 29, 2009

picture of a deformed head here

Nobody is writing anything good today, it is sunny out and I am in, my head hurts, and and and


Doesn't it seem like sometimes everybody else is doing great projects but because of various disabilities on your part you can't join in? That's how I am feeling. Though I am about to embark on the MLS project (a commitment of many kinds), I've got all this summer juice percolating in my brain and no tall, condensation-smudged glass to pour it into. While time may not permit the metamorphosis of all my thoughts from liquid to solid I'd still like to take a crack at it.

Did we say that we were going to do some projects? Ok, let's do them.

Until then, I'll be napping in my room.


Contest entries and pictures of amazing things are appreciated.


Sarah said...

I heart projects.

Amanda said...

Ohhhh, so great!

I think my winter of insane break-up ick, then my spring of nonstop freelance plus office work plus writing daily plus blogging plus writing a book chapter...I think it's kinda wiped me out...and wiped my ideas slate clean.

One day, I hope to be projectish again.


Zane said...

I'm up for projects. Maybe a projects crew for after midnight when I get off work. We could call it 'Nights of Satan' and rob graves, but if you have a better name that's cool too.

Carrie said...

Sarah: what are you doing these days?

Amanda: I feel that. Where is my blankie?

Zane: Are we going to build killer hookers out of the parts? Cause if not, I'm busy.

looka said...

I'm not talking about pro-sects, I suck at prosects.

Sarah said...

Hey Carrie,
At the moment I am busting ass teaching three summer classes. They end soon and am dropping my hours quite a bit so I can do some writing, take some pictures, belly dance, whatever.