Thursday, June 18, 2009

bits of good

Some thoughts on internet persona and anonymity by bug girl. Work, passion, Darwin and Tootsie all make an appearance.

Michael Schaub is back at bookslut. Hooray-a-thon. He is hilarious and smart.

The excellent Matthew Cheney talks about books on a particular shelf over at Strange Horizons. The only downside to the essay is that he opens with a confession of bookshelf voyeurism and I wanted to know more about what he's gleaned about others from their display.

Cure for the rainy-month blues:
spicy vegetarian chili
iced tea with garden herbs
books set in Seattle, Scotland, Jupiter or beneath the earth
cotton blankets
Maniac Cop


Amanda said...

Maniac Cop?! Oh my gosh, if I could watch horror films, I would totally watch that one just for its title...plain, simple, right to the point.

Carrie said...

Maniac Cop is one of my favorite movies--though it was made in the late eighties, it has a 70s feel: scary New York streets, hookers, piers and, of course, uniformed cops. Terrifying!

It also reminds me of good times and good friends, missed beyond capacity.