Monday, April 06, 2009

the what nows

Amy Ambulette and Fortress America made a new human.

Who doesn't like mail? Tiny hands and feet don't equal a blasé attitude towards special deliveries. Like zines for kids, but actually on-schedule, Uncle Envelope brings these folks to the children every month in the form of paper-based treats. Now if only they encouraged the kids to write back...

Robin is reviewing up an April shower over at inkstuds.

This week I will be putting on my green visor and making a decision about school. My top choice is out of the running, but I am still confident that I can make this process exciting wherever I go. If you've got advice, send it my way.

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looka said...

&&& I knew Alec was with them when I saw the entry page on the site!

YAAAAY! For new people!

And for school scans.