Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here in NYC, with swine flu and tan lines on people's minds, I am fighting both apathy and unpleasant tin-eared intruders.

Luckily, I have some news: I decided on a school. After much conversation, irons in and out of the fire, hand wringing and penny counting, it looks like I'll be staying in New York City. And that is your clue to where I've ended up.

Thanks for all your support, on and off-internet. It helped more than you could ever know, and I'll need more in the coming months.

Additionally, there is a lesson I can can pass on here: It's never too late to sack up and change your life. Even if you had some very bad times, even if you were a loser in a past life, even if you are scared. When this process started it seemed my prospects were dismal. In fact, I got into four of the six school I applied to and was solicited by a few more.


Amanda said...

HOORAY! For totally selfish reasons, I love your choice of school. It means I can come visit you any old time!

looka said...



the prog lady said...

ooh, congratulations on those extra solicitations as well. change is good.