Monday, April 13, 2009

meat in a bag

Sunday, sunday, was filled with scrubbing, arranging, cooking and trying not to kill people.

Delicious CSA eggs, fried in butter
prunes n figs
sheep yogurt
cereal options (not explored)

Whole chicken with extra thighs, stuffed
white potatoes, carrots, fennel bulb, parsnips in chicken pan
sweet potatoes
purple kale
cabbage n fennel bulb

Guests included SEC, PS and my parents. It was a fun dinner despite my somewhat ragged nerves and some unfortunate storytelling. When everybody left, my clothes smelled heavily of chicken.

As much as I like making big dinners for a lot of people, I am not so sure that my new meat mastery is to be totally celebrated. I don't even really like chicken and I certainly don't want to make eating it a habit. Still, you throw all that shit in a bag, and your dinner is good to go. Chicken baked in plastic, my friends.

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Amanda said...

When I was small, there was a kids' TV show called The Friendly Giant. One of the characters was a chicken called Rusty, and he was pretty much a rooster who poked up from a fabric pouch which hung on the Friendly Giant's castle wall. He was a simply constructed puppet, and even as children, we all joked about how Rusty was kinda stupid.

I once saw a comedy routine about the show--and the guy described Rusty as "that crazy chicken in a bag." Your post reminds me of that, haha...chicken in a bag!