Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sundays 2 by various artists

Sundays 2 was made (mostly) by the men of Center for Cartoon Studies (now alums). I was very excited for this anthology and the beautiful cover only intensified the feeling. (It includes a tea cup, an easy way to my heart). The work, however, ending up being not all that exciting. Nothing was terrible, but none of the pieces stuck in my mind.

The best stuff: Joseph Lambert’s pages open and close the book and contain cute kids working out the book’s title and then getting into moose-based shenanigans. Alex Kim’s “Eagle Flight Squad 2030 A.D.” pages are great looking action adventure with a so-so story. Sean Ford’s "Waiting for Your Bro” is neat ghost story that’s only art is two yakky,cartoony ghosts. It has a surprise, sweet ending that I really liked.

Instructor JP Coovert’s “Nok tak Nok!” is a valentine to the CCSers—a nice way to end the book, but perhaps a little insidery to appeal to all readers.

I know that all these guys are working out their styles and growing as artists while we watch, and that sometimes a cartoonist just has to get work out in order to move onto the next thing. I enjoy watching the process and reading Sundays 2 is a part of that.

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