Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tea Time

I am in London now and somehow unable to get a good chunk of reading time in, what with the tubes and the migraines and the televisions shows where they read from newspapers.

However, Moonlight Ambulette's copy of Lolly Willows beckons, beckons and drops sweet, heavy lines into my brain. The time I spent reading Alison Lurie's intro was time wasted though. Women used to be confined and pushed about by societal expectations? NO WAyZ!!!11111!! New York Review of Books could have done better.

Missing you all.


Amanda said...

Please be sure to eat scones and clotted cream until you cannot walk any longer!

ragdoll said...

But. But. Coronation Street in real time. Unlike we have in Canada. And real tea. And cafes. And pubs. Who needs reading? There's life to keep you occupied.