Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One way to fight black thoughts and bad days is to use whatever you have extra of (time, money, art supplies, love) to help someone who is at risk have a chance to do something great.

"Helping Books Find Libraries Since 2003"
I have been remiss in not posting about the Dewey Donation System earlier; it is a project of pamie and friends that send books and sometimes money to libraries in need. Often it is a surprise to the librarians when they start recieving the packages. Nice, huh? You have to use Amazon for the book donations which is a drag, but you will get over it.


Another site I like to peruse when I am feeling help-y is Donors Choose, which helps teachers get much-needed supplies for their students. Some projects in Philadelphia that intrigued me:
- Kids in Germantown need owl barf for science!
- Some reluctant readers need those comics!
- Second graders in Wissinoming want to snap photos for a neighborhood history project!

Of course, there are many proposals for basic school supplies and textbooks as well.

If you decide to sponsor a project or donate something, please let us know!

Thinking of the children,
Carrie Tryharder


Amanda said...

Ok, I know this totally supports my trend in posting comments solely in response to things about bodily functions, goofiness, and gross things...but would make my winter so much brighter if "collecting owl barf" was on my job spec!

Carrie said...

My hunger for comments knows no bounds. If posting about my non-book interests is what keeps the punters coming, well then, I have this great story about coasting on my own poop...

Do you ever give to things like this?

amy shearn said...

Ugh, I just threw out so many old boxes of owl barf! What was I thinking!

Amanda said...

G-D it, Amy! What a waste of owl hurl! Next time, hook a sister up! I am all out...

Amanda said...

Ok, on a more serious barf-related note, I remember going on a field trip in grade 3 to an owl santuary located in the countryside near our school. We got to ride a bus for an hour to get there (which was always exciting), then meet some owls who could nearly turn their heads around. We saw some owlets, who were ugly since their feathers were molting, and then we got to pick apart an owl pellet--the Official Name for barf--and identify the mouse bones and so on, that the bird can't digest. One of the best field trips EVER. I hope those kids in your link get their owl barf to dissect, too!