Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Late Valentine's Day

I love love, but February 14 is always kind of lame. Today I saw so many ladies toting home shopping bags of various hues filled with wilting flowers.
Also, a crazy man walked by me and said "rich bitch," which is half uninformed. He may have said "bitch bitch," which seems a little like overkill, don't you think?


Amanda said...

Are you familiar with the children's classic by Mordecai Richler, "Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang"?

Jacob is two plus two plus two years old, and no one listens to him the first time, so he always says thing twice.

Perhaps he's all grown up now, and you encountered him on the street?

: )

Carrie said...

I have never heard of that but it is a charming story. I was never much for children's classics- i think my parents found them boring!

Amanda said...

Oh this one is great! Jacob gets in trouble, and he's sent to the island where the children's jail is located--it's guarded by the Hooded Fang, and patrolled by wolverines! Maybe that's where he learned words like "bitch-bitch"...