Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just spent a whole dollar on a candy bar. It hit the bottom of the machine with a depressing thump before i fished it out, scraping my knuckles on the plastic theft guard. I certainly like it alot better in the old days when vending machines were more of a crapshoot; sometimes you'd get nothing at all for your 50 cents and have to wildly pound on the window and curse, and sometimes you'd get two treats instead of one and slip the extra into the emergency drawer.

Here are some other things I like:
This essay about books about sex by Elizabeth Bachner made me both think about stuff and also alerted me to the new Mary Roach book.

Muffy Bolding's blog. It makes me less scared.

These storybook illustrations from the days of yore make me think of quilts. Why? I don't know, but I like it. (via journalista)

Fancy Nancy has a new episode, finally. (Though I can't figure out when she airs anymore.)

That Amy Ambulette's book finally has a cover and it's not ugly.


Amanda said...

I never thought of that mean plastic flap as a "theft guard" until now. I mean sure, now that I give it some thought, duh...obviously...what else is it there for? To keep the hyper sugar-jacked candybars inside until your coins release them to judder around inside your body, running free at last in your bloodstream?

amy said...

I'm glad you think the book cover is not ugly! I love it.

Does that sound braggy? I didn't make it, so it doesn't feel like bragging. It's like when someone compliments your dog. It's like, I know, isn't she BEAUTIFUL?? But is that weird and gross?


Amanda said...

The day my book comes out, I will seriously make out with its cover, I will love it that much! You should be as proud, braggy and amorous of your book, its cover and its contents as you please! This is a momentous occasion! Also, same goes for your dog. Only, maybe not the part where you make out...

Carrie said...

"Beautiful" is exactly what I meant. I guess I was just playing on the fear that so many new authors have that the cover of their great book is going to have a high heel or woman-of-indeterminate-race-looking-offbeat on it.

Be proud lady!

amy said...

I was worried there would be a misty black-and-white picture of a pregnant lady on the cover and that would have made me so sad. So yeah, okay, I'll brag about it!! IT IS SO PRETTY!

As for making out with my dog...I would never do that! I would never kiss her on her slobbery mouth! That's sick! Come on, who said I did that?

Amanda said...

No, no, not actually making out with your dog! I just meant to make it clear that although you should be pleased about how pretty your book is (much like you say you take a compliment for having a cute dog), and that I would neck with my gorgeous book cover, that does not cross over too! Like, kiss your book, do not kiss the dog!

muffy said...

wow, thanks! i am glad that i add to the diminishment of your overall terror, tootsie! do we know each other -- in the biblical sense, or otherwise, even? if not, so glad to make your acquaintance! and thanks again for the good word, sister!



ps) your writing is mighty fine.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the nice words. We do not know each other in fleshy life. I found your blog through audra's blog, though DHAK. Glad I did.