Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Last fall I went bulb-crazy, hoping for a beautiful spring display out in the old out back. Here are the beginnings of justification:

Winter-blooming hellebores. Now it seems dumb that I only got one plant.

My favorite color of crocus, but where are the purple and white ones? WHERE?

The tulips and daffodils making their presence known. I don't get a lot of sun in my garden so these are always a little retarded. My impatience for heat grows every time I see another little shoot of green (or reddish brown) push through the ground.

More books later.


Amanda said...

Ohhh I planted some of those hellebores last winter, too, only mine never came up. I think I planted them in too-soggy territory and they didn't make it through the winter. I shall enjoy springtime vicariously through your garden, until the galcier outside my apartment recedes and I can plant again...

Carrie said...

Well, my hellebores took two winters to bloom. You may be surprised! A winter planting might not be bst for them, so, again, you may just have to have patience.

If your visit is timed right, you may see the end of the spring display in full effect. The summer garden isn't so bad either. In fact, I am not sure exactly wht is going to come up this year.

B said...

I know you like the yellow, but I prefer this.