Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loom. The word of the month for March, so poetically defined by Noah Webster (the link leads to a great site for browsing on a gloomy day). I have been running all around on days off, scheduled and otherwise, hopping trains and spending money. Actually, when I put it that way, it sounds kind of fun!

Here are some things that are worth your time:

A tale of "old man" friendship gone bad. As they almost always do. The thing about hanging out with people 10 years+ your senior when you are an awesome teen gal is that you will grow up and the man-boys won't, and they will hate you for it. Also, see the comment from the "teacher," who proves him or herself to be the last person I would ever want to talk to my child about anything.

Mimi Smartypants makes me laugh so so much.

Mary Millwhistle has a new project called NoPOTUS. From the release:"The frenzied scrutiny of the 2008 presidential contenders proves that past mistakes can, and will, come back to haunt those who run for office. exposes the transgressions, missteps, and ill-advised associations of America's children... proving that they, too, will never grow up to be president." What she needs from you is pictures of kids under 10 to be used in hilarious, but anonymous, ways. Email her at millwhistle AT

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