Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction by Kelly Link

I am trying to catch up. I have had so much luck with reading the past couple of months and I want to tell you about it before I forget everything.

This book has gone back to the library and I can't remember titles. I loved it. In fact, I think I enjoyed it more than Magic for Beginners. STF is a lot easier for me to read, maybe that’s it, the stories are shorter and maybe because the reader has to work less. That quality doesn’t distract from the intelligence of Link’s tales, though, and even if it did, the fun of this book would trump the difference. I would recommend that you read this slowly so that the stories don't blur together.

It is definitely worth a read. Enjoy.


Ed Champion has a recent interview with Kelly Link (#82) on the bat segundo show. Sadly, too much of it is bogged down by talk about genre and labels and there is a little too much Ed in this one. For me, it was worth it to hear Link drop little tidbits of trivia about book covers and travelling and attempt to discuss her work.


moonlight ambulette said...

this is one of those writers i haven't read and am afraid i'd be disappointed in, because so many people have been all "you'd love her."

why am i so skittish? what do i have to lose?

maybe i should read m.f.b.?

Carrie said...

It is quite possible that you won't like her. I'm not saying she is an "acquired taste" or anything, I just know that she taps into a group of images and thoughts that I have had, then takes them to the next level. That is why I like her so much. It's weird; usually I can tell if I think someone will like something. With Link I am not so sure.

That is kinda exciting.