Saturday, December 23, 2006

I hate your santa

The holidays sure seem to fuck people up. Normally rational people I know get all strung out about buying gifts for their family and friends and it depresses me. Seeing all this compulsitory gift giving makes me mad, especially when my friends feel the need to spend spend spend just so your greedy peeps can judege how much people love them by the amount of crap under their tree. Sorry, but your families suck if they make you feel like that.

If gifts don’t mean something, they should mean nothing at all but be incredibly useful.

So, in the spirit of self-disclosure, I thought I would tell you some of my favorite mean-nothing gifts to get any time of year:

- A big box of name brand trash bags
- Socks
- Stickers
- Stationery
- Paper towels, kitchen towels and bath towels
- Manila folders
- Magazine and journal subscriptions
- A job

Of course they do mean something I guess; people who know these are my favorite things besides books, money and handmade art are actually thinking of me when they wrap up the paper products.


I guess I am just a bitch.
No surprise there.


Matt said...

There should only be one gift giving holiday which changes dates each year and everyone is given only 24 hours to shop for it. That way, people will end up going to CVS and buying last minute things like trash bags, toilet paper, cotton swabs, batteries and other useful shit that takes zero thought to get but is still useful and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

fuck! this beta crap just swallowed my comment!

um,it went something like:

totally, yes, but don't you secretly love egg nog?

and, ticknor, yes, worth it, so short anyway, and good, not GREAT but good.


Carrie said...

Egg nog is the nast.

Anonymous said...

I would kill for some socks. Then again, I could just buy my own. And nog with Crown Royal in it, that's not too bad.

Carrie said...

Everybody likes socks. It is a universal truth.