Monday, December 04, 2006

five things

1) Did I mention that I loved Bugbear#1 and Mattie & Dodi? Well, I did. M&D was powerfully good at portraying an unusual family dynamic. Eleanor Davis is a master of facial expressions and body posture. The whole thing felt very, I don't know, alive.

2)I hate those phony breathers you get the day after you've completed a bunch of writing. It feels like a rush of relief, when in fact you still have a million other things to do, just things where the deadline isn't tommorrow.

3)This book is beautiful and I want it. In fact, all the books of Chris Van Allsburg are so creepy and wonderful, that when I bought one for my as-yet-unborn son of a cousin, I almost bought a few more for myself. Alas, more pressing concerns require my money these days.

4) But, despite those tricky "more pressing matters" I am very close to dropping a Jackson and some change on a bunch of minicomics from shortpants press. Damn internet book reviews, always making me buy stuff. If only publishers would realize what a good book blog/site does to an avid reader/cheapskate... and then pay us for it.

5) Since I did not write a Thanksgiving post detailing what I am grateful for (maybe later), I wanted to tell all four of my readers how much I appreciate your comments, recommendations and support. Thanks!

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