Sunday, December 24, 2006

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me/ Accidental Round Up

I wish the sun would not go down today. It is so bright and warm. Even though by streaming into my window it illuminates the funky sick house that is my apartment now, it is making my brain feel better.

I am in the last hundred or so pages of Pure and Radiant Heart. Oh Lydia, you have a big imagination and great follow-through. More people should read your books. In fact, I would say that you are under read.

PRH will likely be the last book I finish this year. According to my list (and including PRH) I have read 53 books this year. That number does not include:
_Books I read for review purposes. Usually I have linked to these reviews.
_Books I almost finished (like all but one story of I am Not Jackson Pollack by John Haskell and the second novel included in this collection)*.
_Books I pick up and pick down throughout the year like The Gastronomical Me by MFK Fisher.
_The books I lost (and then couldn’t remember) when Blogger** ate tryharder.

I think I did pretty well. And so many of the books were actually good!

I could have done without a few books. Another list:

_Hokkaido Popsicle by Isaac Adamson because it was only marginally fun.
_ Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis for the same reason.

I hesitate to add the other crappy books I read this year because I read a few of them to find out what the author’s style was (I’m looking at you THUD!) and others because my brain just needed the literary equivalent of a fluffy pillow and a lullaby (cough-Anansi Boys-cough).

Hmm. I guess that was the round up. Maybe we do more listy-list later, baby? Oh, don’t make that squishy-squishy face! You looka lika Pekinese!

* Class Trip was excellent. So was The Moustache, but I just put it down and didn't pick it back up.
** You suck.


Anonymous said...

53 books! Wow! I had great ambitions, but I'm afraid to count because my number is very unimpressive. Somewhere in the high twenties maybe. Pathetic. Especially since I'm darn sure I watched way more than 28 television episodes. Why does the TV lure me in and away from my beloved books?

Anyway - - congrats on a great reading achievement AND Happy New Year!

Carrie said...

Thanks anita.

Have a happy New Year too.

Anonymous said...

this was the best round-up ever.

it goes in my year-end round-up of top round-ups.

oh, how clever! lists of lists! ooh ooh!


Carrie said...

Moonlight, (can I call you Moonlight?), you must really love Elton John.